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We run a variety of year round programs that centralize the experiences of women and girls.

Our programs:

  Provide experiential activities that build skills in trades and technology 

Teach confidence and promote community building in women - centered spaces

Explore trades and technology careers through instruction by local tradespeople and tech experts who are primarily women


If you're interested in a custom or partnership program, please reach out to us

High School Programs

Power Up!

YWITT's Power Up! is now 3 different streams that run after school on Mondays twice per calendar year. The program provides opportunities for all high school aged girls and non binary or gender diverse teens to explore trades and technology careers and skills through hands-on experience. Our instructors are  active in their field and provide mentorship opportunities and lived experience in their career


YWITT in the Classroom!

YWITT facilitates in-school workshops on demand. We provide high quality, interactive workshops that focus on hands-on skill building and/or career options in the trades or technology sectors

We partner on community initiatives and contribute to specialized programming. If you're interested in working with us on a youth event, please reach out!


Some events we have partnered on in the past include: Skills Canada Yukon Territorials; JR and SR Rural Experiential Model (REM).

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