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Who we are:

YWITT is a community-led non-profit society based in Whitehorse, Yukon,.


Our partnerships and programs increase awareness,, education and action for inclusion and equity in trades and technology careers.

What we Believe In:

Respect and dignity for workers

We are working toward an industry that sees trades and technology work and the people within it as important. That looks like: people being paid well and treated with the the value that they deserve. These are the people who build the territory! 

Equitable access to opportunity

We want everyone to have access to training, promotion, and success in their job regardless of gender.

Positive learning environment 

We want to be a space where people can learn new skills, ask questions and be supported by mentors and instructors who are excited to teach.

What We Do

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Awareness and Public Education

  • Experientially learn skills that are connected to trades and technology careers

  • Create spaces of belonging in shops and programs

Leadership and Skill Building

  • Leadership skills and support during apprenticeship and training

  • Financial support

  • Community Support

Community Supports

Advocacy toward more Inclusive Workplaces

  • Research and policy advocacy

  • Developing Resources and Tools for Training Institutions and Employers

Employer Resources
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