A Bit About Us



Yukon Women in Trades and Technology is a vibrant hub with community partnerships and programs that increase awareness and provide support to women and girls in trades and technology.



We achieve our vision by...

Educating: women and girls about the viability of trades and technology opportunities for women

Supporting: potential and present women in trades and technology

Advocating: to remove barriers to access and create equal opportunities for women in trades and technology



   The Yukon Chapter of WITT was formed in July of 2000 and registered as a non-profit society on August 25, 2000.

   Our organization was founded on the experiences of women working in the trades or who had tried to enter the trades. These experiences have demonstrated that women considering careers or education in the trades face barriers that men do not—discrimination towards women doing “men's work”, few role models, employers' attitudes and a lack of information about trades work in general.

   Women make up nearly half of the Yukon's paid labour force, but tend to be concentrated in jobs that pay less than those of men. Making women of all ages aware that the skilled trades have high hourly wages and that it is possible to “earn while you learn” will help contribute to their making choices that will enhance their life skills and employability.


Our Goals

To increase the number of Yukon women in trades and technology jobs.

Our Beliefs

Gender should not be a barrier to pursuing workplace opportunities in the trades and technology sector