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Metalworker using Welding Machine

YWITT Community Agreement

YWITT is committed to community spaces where all employees, volunteers, and community members are treated with respect. 

We recognize that trades and technology workspaces are not often spaces where people can be themselves. We strive for our meet-ups, programs and events to be places where people can show up as themselves without fear of judgment.


YWITT’s Values: 

  1. Being treated with respect: Working toward an industry that sees trades and tech  work and the people within it as important. That looks like: people being paid well and treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. These are the people who build the territory! 

  2. Equitable access to opportunity: We want everyone to have access to training, promotion, and success in their job regardless of who they are or what their gender is.

  3. Positive learning environment: We want to be a space where people can learn new skills, ask questions and be supported by mentors and instructors who are excited to teach.

If you support those values, we’d love to have you join us.

We ask people showing up to our events to be aware of the following:

  1. Working long hard days means that you sometimes need to decompress and share or vent about a long day. Let people be in control of their own stories, and don’t pass on someone’s vent session without their consent. 


  1. There are some events that we hold that might be specifically for some groups of people to come together and some events that are open to everyone. If this feels confusing, unclear or new to you, just ask us. 


  1. We are learning, and so is our community, so be patient with other people when you come to events. If you’ve never heard some of the hard stories or experiences that are being shared, just listen! People want to be heard.


YWITT has been a women’s organization for the past 20 years. We recognize how far we have come and that there is still work to do for women in the trades. When we open up our spaces to others, in no way are we abandoning the causes that we have historically supported, or continue to fight for.


We believe the goal of an organization that supports equity (us) is to create more understanding for all people, rather than to highlight what drives us apart.


We recognize that women, men, and non-binary people all face different and unique issues when it comes to work and equity. 

We acknowledge that we have more to learn and that no space is completely “safe”. We know that we have work to do and ask our community members to join us in this growth and learning journey.

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