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Using Research to Guide our Work

In order to better understand the context in which Yukon tradespeople – and women among them – work and study, YWITT conducts ongoing research projects with tradespeople and apprentices, employers, industry representatives, unions, instructors, administrators and NGOs who work with women in trades.

Making it Work (2019)

Making it Work (2019),  is a report that consolidates the experiences of Yukon women in Trades & Technology to offer recommendations to better the landscape for all Yukon Tradespeople.

Making it Work highlighted several issues that women face when employed in careers in skilled trades and technology fields.  These included harassment in the workplace and the lack of supports necessary for them to develop rewarding careers.  More needs to be learned about the issues that are faced, supports and strategies need to be developed  and, people involved in these situations need to be involved in making the changes.


What are we looking for?

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"We envision a workplace where leadership openly models respect for worker differences with the express intent of engendering a psychologically safe workplace. An employer who invests in the education of all workers toward preventing bullying and harassment and is properly preparing to address such issues promptly..."

What needs to change?

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